Audit and Assurance

The financial audit service not limited to the issuance of an audit report on the Annual Accounts with a standard minimum quality. It is designed to identify potential risks and areas for improvement in internal accounting control processes and administration of our Clients. Our methodology is sets to a standard of national Audit Board which adopted internation audit standard. We try to provide on specific needs of each client and ensures our clients get value enauditorías both mandatory and voluntary.

With more than 25 years of experience, KAP Yanuar & Riza has been developed to be one of the most trusted and reliable partner for our clients. Our Professional staffs always directed to work based on the principles of independence, quality and ethics in the review of financial statements not only expresses an opinion on the annual accounts of the company but adds value to the service, using only information systems, developed by our own signature for streamline audit processes.

As already proposed, our working procedures allow us to identify the best opportunities for our clients, minimizing future risks. As a result of this, we provide a number of recommendations regarding improvement of administrative processes, customer and vendor reports, access to alternative sources of funding and grants.

Our services in this area are (and not limited to):

  • Financial General Audit.
  • Limited reviews.
  • Due Diligence (Audit of purchase).
  • Examination on agreed upon procedures.
  • Compliance audits and internal control assessment.